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Fun activities for kids

Is your child interested in protecting the planet?

If so, we want to hear about it! Download and print our form for your child to fill out, and then email it to us for a chance for their thoughts and artwork to be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine. Send all forms to hello@theweekjunior.com.



Send secret messages

Morse code is a special alphabet that lets people communicate using dots and dashes that represent letters. With flashing lights, beads, or even Lego bricks, it is easy to start sending coded messages.


Make a wreath from egg cartons

With just two cardboard egg cartons, a paper plate, and some paint, a beautiful wreath of flowers springs into bloom. Kids can make the wreath their own by designing different types of flowers.



Celebrate Earth Day

The 51st annual Earth Day, a worldwide day of service and action to protect the planet we share, is coming up on April 22. Here are some easy, meaningful ways for families to get involved and help the environment.



Learn how to manage money

It's great to have a little money from an allowance, birthday gifts, or babysitting. With just a few simple steps, it's easy to start budgeting, spending—and saving!—wisely.


Craft a cute animal from yarn

A few household items and some yarn are all that’s needed to make a cute giraffe, horse, or zebra.



Have more fun singing

Most people sing at least sometimes, either by humming show tunes in the car or singing along with a streaming playlist. Anyone can tune up their voice with these easy tips, then belt out their favorite songs.


Make baked potato wedges

A spice blend of salt, sugar, smoked paprika, sweet paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder lend this dish a barbecue taste that really kicks up the flavor.


Start a debate club

A debate club can bring friends together to have fun, challenging arguments about current events. Topics can range from serious to silly, and rules help everyone learn how to express their point of view.


Craft a colorful birdhouse

With a little paint and a lot of creativity, a milk carton becomes a bright and cheery landing spot for birds of all kinds. 


Give back on a birthday

As we celebrate The Week Junior's birthday in this issue, one thing is for sure: Birthdays are the best. And they can be even better when we turn them into an opportunity to do good for others in need.


Make cupcakes to celebrate

Homemade icing in different colors—with some sprinkles on top—can turn these treats into tasty works of art.


Learn to bake bread

This hands-on activity is one part art, one part science, and all fun. Here’s how to get started making delicious homemade bread.

bake bread

Make a cardboard vase

A vase can be made in just about any shape with some cardboard, tape, and glue—plus paint for decorative details.


Learn the basics of sewing

No sewing machine is required to try this fun, hands-on home hobby. It’s a great way to express creativity while making something useful.


Make apple pie overnight oats

This extra easy, delicious, and healthy breakfast boosts energy and provides plenty of fiber and protein.


Curl paper into cool crafts

Paper quilling is a fun, creative art form that has been around since the 15th century but never goes out of style. Here are ideas to get started.


Cook a tasty shakshuka

Shakshuka, pronounced "shack-SHOE-ka," is a one-pot dinner dish that’s popular in the Middle East.


Give coding a try

Anyone looking for an interesting new hobby can try coding (also known as computer programming). Here's how it works and how to get started.


Make a colorful coin pouch

Multi-colored duct tape transforms into a fun, useful container for stashing coins and other little things.


Plan to do kind deeds

It’s always a good time to be kind, but February 14 through February 20 is Random Acts of Kindness Week. Here’s how to spread cheer.


Bake up a plate of tasty nachos

This delicious dish is filled with beans, salsa, and cheesy goodness, and comes together in minutes.


What does democracy mean to your child? We want to hear what readers think! Download and print our form for your child to fill out, and then email it to us for a chance for their thoughts to be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine. Send all forms to hello@theweekjunior.com.

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