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This month's issue

Here's what's in this month's issue of PC Pro magazine

Issue 320

  • Windows Security: 10 tweaks to keep you safeIssue number 319
    The most recent versions of Windows are jam-packed with unseen security tools.
  • How to create a digital will
    Many of your personal assets are stored online, but how will your family access them when you’re gone? 
  • The right language to solve tech’s diversity problem
    How does the tech industry reverse decades of discrimination?
  • Person of the month: Alan Sugar
    For this month’s step back into computing history, we speak to one of the true pioneers of computing in Britain.
  • Shrink your online footprint
    You’re probably leaking more data online than you realise. Nik Rawlinson reveals the dangers of over-sharing.
  • The Labs in one number 
    Buy the “right” printer, and that’s how much a mono page will cost. Buy the “wrong” printer and you could spend 13p per page. Find out which is perfect for you in our in-depth test of 14 inkjets and lasers in this month’s Labs.
  • And more...

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