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This week's issue of MoneyWeek

Here is a sneak peek at the stories in this week's issue, 18th October 2019

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  • When people think of medical technology, says Matthew Partridge, they tend to think of new miracle drugs or biotechnology. Few tend to think of medical devices such as prosthetic limbs. But this “poor cousin” of the sector has been undergoing a quiet revolution. The field now encompasses “intelligent limbs”, that can mimic the action of the original body part they have replaced; robotic exoskeletons that let patients who have been paralysed walk again; and even devices that use brain activity to control them. The benefits are not confined to the physical, either. By allowing patients to so more, their mental health improves, too. It’s a fast growing field, and there are plenty of ways to buy in. This week, Matthew picks some of the best.

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  • Also this week, Max King is looking at funds that invest in solar energy. Installation costs have come down hugely, from £2.5m per megawatt hour in 2011 to £0.5m now; panel efficiency has increased by between 30% and 50%; and the cost of the electricity they produce has fallen to the point where renewables can now compete with fossil fuels on cost without subsidies. That’s something of a double-edged sword for investors, however. It means yields have fallen. Nevertheless, Max picks two investment trusts for you to consider.


  • Elsewhere, John Stepek picks over the bones of Neil Woodford’s career and relates three hard truths for investors; Simon Wilson reports on how lab-grown stones are disrupting the diamond industry; and professional investor Nicholas Weindling picks three Japanese stocks that will profit from the country’s long-term growth and innovation. All that, plus the best share tips from the rest of the UK’s financial pages; news and views from the market; and personal finance, too. Sign up now to get your first 12 issues for just £12.

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